Jessica Jones

Incredibly sheltered as a Christian child, Alice’s parents didn’t talk about sex, let alone pornography. They believed she didn’t need to know about sex until after she was married, and any questions which related to the topic were quickly shut down. She first viewed porn and began obsessively sexually acting out when she was twelve. She returned to it when she was eighteen and it was a messy five years to find real freedom from her addiction. “Instead of isolating myself in a digital world of sex, these days I spend my time writing blogs and speaking about women’s struggles with pornography, masturbation and sex. I share my testimony and seek to support other women in recovery. It’s incredibly healing to do this and a great blessing and sign of how far God has brought me.”

Karen Spouse

Karen is an entrepreneur,  Christian blogger, writer, preacher, evangelist and international mission senior executive. Before she became a Christian (in her 40s) she used to own a sex toys business… and then wondered if it was suitable once she’d met Jesus! Her pastor said, “I recommend them in all my pre-marriage courses,” but what Phil discovered was not all Christians were so open talking about sexuality and intimate relations. So the seed of the Ministry of Sex was planted.

Debbie Aldren

Debbie Aldren has worked with parents and adolescents for over 20 years in a mentoring, group facilitation, speaking/teaching and a leadership capacity.

Arriana Jordan 

Noted broadcaster, author, therapist, speaker and creator of two TEDx Talks, Arriana Jordan has been serving listeners with relationship and life advice for over two decades. She is the host of a syndicated nightly radio show called Passion, covering all topics related to love, sex and relationships, the President of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec and also the author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50.

Dr Michale Williams

Dr. Williams is the founder of Creating Intimacy Coach, Inc. She got involved in the field of Clinical Sexology because of her passion for helping people learn to experience the best sexual intimacy with themselves and with their partner(s). She holds a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality, a Masters in Clinical Sexology and is a Certified Sex Coach. Dr. Williams is a member of WASC (World Association of Sex Coaches), and of the ACS (American College of Sexologists), which shows she has earned top credentials in her field. 

Benedict Black

Benedict Black is a clinical neuroscientist with an interest in the relationship between childhood abuse, especially sexual, and suicide. His research approaches this question by using post-mortem human tissue from a brain structure known to be involved in stress regulation. Benedict has presented his work at various academic conferences and is funded by the provincial government for his research.

Jamie Grover

Jamie Grover is a queer trans woman currently residing in Montreal. She is a photographer, trans advocate and writer. She has run a photo studio, had her art displayed in galleries internationally and has written for several mainstream publications in Canada. She has appeared on CBC radio several times and also NPR.