If the thought that once, having opened a partner’s bedside table, you find a pink rabbit vibrator there, it terrifies you, then you should read this article and start using sex toys in pairs. Sex toys and relationships are not two opposites. In fact, many people say that toys have noticeably improved their relationships and intimate life.

We have collected the best tips on how to start using toys with a partner, and they will be useful to everyone from beginners to harsh fans of BDSM. It will also help you to choose in between vibrators vs. dildos.

How to confess to your partner that you use sex toys?

It is best to be open, sincere and honest when it comes to sex toys and other interesting preferences. Start an unobtrusive conversation outside the bedroom. You can say that you recently saw a cherry lubricant on sale at the store and it seemed funny to you. By the reaction of your partner, you can understand if you can tell him: “I think next time we will be great with my mini-vibrator. Let’s try? ” Or should we start from afar with: “Maybe we should buy one tube of lubricant?” Just emphasize the need of lubricant and he will surely agree. Make mention of the usual scenario in porn where lubricants are needed in wearing chastity on big penises.

Talking in an almost joking tone will not cause tension and will make it clear that the partner will think about your idea.

How to convince your partner if he is afraid of using sex toys?

The first association with the word “sex toy” is a huge realistic dildo for the weekend. But these toys are not all bought. If you take the most popular vibrators, then it is often small vibropuli that will not touch the male ego. Convince your partner that you enjoy sex with him, but you do not want to put pressure on him trying to get an orgasm. Using a mini-vibrator or a penis ring doesn’t mean a man’s problems, because in any case, you reach orgasm. Toys do not replace sex with a partner, they just make it better!

This would be an easy step if your man is used in wearing chastity cage to avoid scandals. Sex toy will just be easy for them

How to use toys together?

For the first time, it is better to take something small and choose it together. It will be fun to see the assortment together and find something that will appeal to both of you.  There are many sex toys for couples, but you can take one that is designed for one person.  When you use a vibrator together and then start with a sensual massage. The RO-80mm bullet vibrator is great for relieving tension during a neck and shoulder massage, and soon you will find it in another place and feel a more intimate massage. Also during sex, you can use the penis vibrating ring. With it, the erection will be longer, and the vibrating part of the ring will pleasantly stimulate both the clitoris and the testicles.

If you want something special then pay attention to We-Vibe 4 Plus. This vibrator for the clitoris and the G point can be used during sex, and both partners will feel its vibrations. Easy to use and completely unnoticeable, We-Vibe does not interfere with partner entry and only doubles the sensation.

The most important thing in sharing sex toys is communication. Experiment with vibrators all over your body, and if you feel something interesting, let your partner know that you have discovered a new erogenous zone. If you feel something unpleasant, then tell me about it too.

Sex toy on a trip: a reliable partner, not a burden

Most often, people use sex toys at home: in the bedroom, bathroom, etc. However, in some cases, the need for such sex devices occurs in unusual conditions: traveling, business trips, nature trips, in the country, etc. So, for example, if a couple is used to supplement love comforts with toys for adults, then she absolutely does not need to give up her little joys on various trips. In addition, sex-fixtures often help out people who are forced to temporarily leave partners, but do not want to change them.

Thus, sex toys can accompany their owners anywhere. The most important thing is to know the main nuances that will allow you to apply them outside the home without any trouble. Here are a few tips, following which you can avoid the many dangers and incidents associated with the use of sex toys in various trips.

Container for transporting sex toys

In order to successfully transport sex toys, you must have a suitable container. Boxing for the transport of sex devices must be opaque, dense, and also be equipped with reliable fasteners cover; must be as reliable as those popular chastity cage gifts. This is due to the following reasons:

The opacity of the container is necessary, since it’s not very pleasant to reveal your little secrets to your fellow travelers. Boxing density will protect intimate devices from various mechanical effects during transportation. Reliable closure of the lid will help to ensure the sterility of the contents of the container, which is very important in the case of sex devices.

Containers are also needed when transporting cock cages which promote oral sex.

Caitlin Stephen