We are looking for an experienced Japanese Artist.

Understand current comic trends and hentai artwork. We have several positions open. Please provide sample of your work and be willing to produce one sample work from our special request.

Salary is negotiable. 

26 Minute Adult Original Video Animation, with character designs/specs, script and storyboard finished needs a small team to bring it to completion. Can provide VO cues if needed.

The material very offensive, its themes are similar to the “Legend of the overfiend”, “Magical Woman M” and Magical Girl Ai” series. So this may be something you don’t want to be associated with. Please refer to these titles before considering this project.

Due to the budget, We are open to any software choices, as long as consistency is contained.

We need 4 CG’s. The character art and game are all already done, all that is needed are the final CG’s.

The Successful Applicant Needs To:

– Have a working knowledge of Visual Novels, how they work and the relevant terminology.

– Have a mastery of anime style and digital art workstations.

– Be comfortable with doing NSFW/Hentai art

– Be able to deliver at least one high quality CG per week.

– Be sufficiently fluent in English to understand the instructions given.

– Be able to create new art based on the existing character sprites and game maps provided.

The Payment:

– 80 USD via Paypal (fees included). In other words, we send you 80 USD and whatever lands to you is your payment (as there are different fees for each country & currency exchange varies all the time). It should land as 76 USD (more or less). 

– We will pay before each CG starts but will only pay for them individually. Next payment is done after the CG is completed.


– Four (4) HD single-character Hentai CG’s in “Adult magazine style” (think Playboy or Hustler).

– Two versions needed. One with lingerie and one nude.


– Applicants with little to no anime experience need not apply.

– Payment is non negotiable so if you don’t like the offer then don’t bother applying.

Final Notes

We are a studio that is currently working on a lot of games at the moment so if a job is done successfully for us, it may lead to us hiring you for other jobs.