Primal Stone


About Us


Our story begins in our backyard at home in Calgary, Alberta. We love spending time outdoors and nothing beats grilling on a warm summer evening. Hell, we grill in -20°C. One night over beers the conversation turned to how much waste each person produces and what is recyclable in our community (Calgary just started a compost program which is pretty awesome). Having just had a beautiful meal of grilled asparagus, potatoes and steak, we realized just how much aluminum foil we were using… and throwing away. After a quick search we found out aluminum foil can be recycled, it just needed to be clean. If you are like most people we know, you BBQ to avoid the mess and enjoy some fresh air. Cleaning aluminum foil is inconvenient, so we decided to take it out of the equation altogether. Our solution was to bring back the ancient practice of stone cooking. 


Our Primal Stones are slabs of soapstone mined here in Canada. Initially chosen as a product that would significantly curb your aluminum foil use, soapstone possess a host of other more impressive qualities. It has amazing thermal properties and can radiate heat for hours. It is incredibly dense and virtually non-porous meaning your food loses none of it’s flavour or moisture to the grill. To top it off, eliminating the direct exposure to flame reduces carcinogen buildup on your food making your meals healthier.