Vibrators and dildos are known as sex toys for women. However, there is also a wide selection of dildos or vibrators for men! In addition to unisex toys, such as anal plugs or anal beads, which of course men can also, use, prostate vibrators, prostate stimulators or prostate dildos are a special treat! Prostate vibrators are specially shaped to stimulate the prostate and the P point. P-spot? No, you have not misread! The “male G-spot”, which lies about 5 to 7 cm behind the entrance of the anus and causes extraordinary feelings, is unfortunately often paid too little attention. With prostate vibrators, you give this male pleasure center the due attention!

What should be considered for prostate vibrators?

Vibrators for men are usually anal used, although with prostate vibrators, of course, just as well the testes or the perineum, so the dam can stimulate. Therefore, prostate vibrators should be introduced with caution and plenty of silicone-based, oil-based or anal lubricant. The anus should also be pre-stretched before inserting prostate vibrators. This can be done with fingers or anal plugs, such as the Tano Plug Vibe by Pico bong, an anal plug with vibration. A prostate vibrator should also, like all Anal toys, have a thickened end so that it cannot completely slide into the intestine. If you keep these hints in mind, then you can let it go with your prostate vibrators!

Prostate vibrators – the prostate massage de luxe!

A prostate massage can cause exciting feelings of elation. In addition to fingers, Anal toys can be used to stimulate or stimulate you in this very special place. A Prostate Vibrator is particularly exciting, as it not only flexes like the Billy Anal Vibrator by Lelo to perfectly reach your P point, but also enhances the experience with tingling vibrations. Miracles like the Nexus Max 5 prostate stimulator simultaneously stimulate your perineum. The Butt Boy by Rocks off is reminiscent of an anal plug with its conical tip and is thus ideal for a hand-free use. After use, you should always disinfect your toys with a Toy Cleaner. Shopping is fun for men as well!

For a long time, sex toys have not only belonged to women, but also to men. Sex toys bring a lot of momentum into the love life, stimulate the imagination and provide variety and tingling moments. In addition, a corresponding sex toy can be generally helpful, for example, to enjoy very persevering sex. Sex toys for him are also available in many different versions, so that there is a suitable sex toy for almost every need. But what is a urethral sound? How is it used? And what are the benefits of using it? For more information, go to

Masturbators for him at a glance discover practical sex toys

The masturbator is one of the most popular sex toys among men. Masturbators represent artificial vaginas and have been practically imitated true to nature. The high-quality masturbators consist of skin-like lubricants. Often such sex toys are colloquially referred to as pocket pussy, sucking pussy and Gummimuschi. The main goal of such a sex toy is to experience coitus without the partner or partner thanks to the Masturbate. Single men therefore like to access the pocket pussies to come to a climax and ejaculate. However, manual operation is still necessary because the toys must be placed over the penis and moved back and forth. Many different masturbator types are offered online. These include, among others:

  • Manual masturbators
  • Vibrating masturbators
  • Sucking masturbators

For a special kick and an even greater sense of pleasure, of course, make the vibrating and sucking models. Often, the insides of the sex toy are studded with grooves and studs to create an even more intense feel. A natural experience as in sex with a woman is not achieved with the Masturbator, but it is still a good tool to come to a climax. In all conceivable things is always: practice makes perfect. Some men who often come quickly and practice with the masturbator can usually look forward to more stamina over time and thus enjoy longer fun as a result of the sex toy exercises.

Cock as a good aid during sex

The cock ring is also referred to as cock ring and can be made of a variety of materials such as leather, metal, silicone or rubber. The application of the sex toy is very simple. Depending on the model and need, the sex toy is placed around the glands, penis or scrotum. The Cock ring has several tasks and is considered a perfect tool for couples. Also from different materials there is the cock ring. Typical are:

  • Metal cock rings
  • Silicone cock rings

Special examples are the vibrating cock rings, which provide even more fun and a more intense feeling. Some men like to use the sex toy as a piercing. However, such a practical penile ring is mostly used as an erection extension and enhancement during a variety of sexual practices. Finally, he prevents premature relaxation due to the congestion in the penis. Not only the men, but also the women benefit from the sex toy, so that cock rings are now one of the common sex toys in the bedroom of couples.

Caitlin Stephen