Today, everybody knows that a beautiful figure is most often the result of quite conscious actions aimed at it. For a person to be happy, care is needed for him – not also the discovery of America. The same is with hair, hands and indeed everything and what about the most delicate sphere of life? Intimate muscles that affect the vagina can also be trained and developed!

It all started with kegel. Arnold Kegel, an American gynecologist in the middle of the 20th century, developed a system of exercises aimed at the conscious control of the muscles of the perineum (let’s call them intimate muscles). Kegel exercises are often called kegel. The initial focus of these exercises was medical: they were intended for women who had problems with involuntary urination after giving birth. However, it soon became clear that another very pleasant result of these exercises for intimate muscles was an increase in sexual sensitivity. A nice bonus, whatever you say!

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are of three types: compression, contraction, extrusion. The essence of the compression exercises is to tense the muscles, as if trying to stop urination, hold up to three, relax. All of these exercises use kegel balls or yoni eggs from yonieggs co.

Contractions – at a fast pace, tension and relax the muscles of the vagina (as it happens during sexual contact and orgasm).

Popping with this exercise, Kegel should be very careful. The same case, when it is better not to, than re-. Very soft and neatly tuck, as in a chair or on the floor.

Do 10-15 times each Kegel exercise, lingering at the extreme point for 3 seconds. Pushing – enough to start repeats 5-7. Pretty soon you will feel that “there inside” there are separate muscles that you can fully control consciously. In certain circumstances, it can be as good as that!

Vumbilding – deeper and deeper

Vladimir developed and popularized this topic. He is the creator of such a popular direction of training intimate muscles like Vumbilding. What it is? The name is an abbreviation. With the “building” everything is clear: the creation, construction, development. And VUM is Vaginally Guided Muscles.

Vumbilding went further than the Kegel exercises. And in every sense further. If the kegels train only the lower third of the vaginal canal – to put it simply “at the beginning” of the vagina, then vumbilding is positioned as a system that allows the entire vaginal canal to be developed, and even the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus. The opening of Muravinsky – that all the muscles of the vaginal canal, up to the uterus, lend themselves to training, was truly revolutionary for the Western approach. In the east, this is, in fact, not news, and some areas of Taoist practices imply masterly possession of intimate muscles. But the east, as you know, is a delicate matter.

Why develop intimate muscles?

What do the classes in vumbildingom? Good sex is more than good, but still let’s starts with how intimate muscle exercises affect your health. Active intimate muscles are a pledge to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, thus avoiding stagnation, nourishes the tissues and organs of this area with oxygen and nutrients and thereby supports their health and youth. Intimate muscle activity levels out the hormones, thereby affecting the entire body.

The next crucial point is the impact on sex life. This is an increase in your sensuality, and the opportunity to give a unique feeling to your partner. Moreover, you get (I wanted to say “in hand”, but what kind of hands there are!) Tools for consciously prolonging or reducing the time of intimacy.Yes, and purely technical range of your capabilities – and as a result, and the capabilities of your man – is very expanding. In some cases, Vumbilding classes lead to a vaginal orgasm, even by those with whom it never happened before.

One of the nice effects of doing numbing is narrowing the vaginal volume. It’s probably unnecessary to talk about the pleasant benefits it will bring to both of you? At the same time, the walls of the vagina become more elastic, which is very useful during childbirth. The process of childbirth itself is less painful, and the probability of ruptures is minimal – because your intimate muscles are used to shrink and stretch.

They also talk about the contraceptive effect of occupational numbing on the body: developed intimate muscles are able to “push” the seed, thereby avoiding conception. However, this method, to put it mildly, cannot be called 100%.

How to engage in vumbildingom?

There is a tendency to call the word “vumbilding” any practice that trains intimate muscles. However, “in the right way” is training with a simulator. Initially, this is a classic vaginal simulator. His main advantage is that he is “from the creator,” so to speak, from the person who created the direction itself.

Many also use vaginal balls. Balls are made from natural materials: sometimes from wood, more often from stone (jade, onyx). You can usually find commercially available sets of three balls. Begin classes with the largest, and as the internal muscles develop, they gradually move to the smallest ones. In general, size doesn’t matter (and I’m not about balls anymore!) if you have well developed intimate muscles. There are also kegel, massage, hydraulic, laser, and mechanical simulators.

Vumbiliding at home

The theme “Vumbilding at home” sounds quite actively. However, it is quite intimate – in all senses – a sphere to take on at random. Therefore, at home, without consultation with a competent specialist, it is better to start by working with internal muscles without simulators. However, take into account that intimate muscles get a small load and the results are more modest. The use of simulators during exercise helps to achieve better results. In addition, simulators help to measure and objectively evaluate achievements.

It is clear that if, as such, vaginal contractions can be practiced at any time and except in cases of serious gynecological diseases – to anyone, then for practicing “tools” (simulators, balls), it is better to carefully study the issue and at least a couple of lessons to work with an instructor.

Advantages of Kegel simulators

About devices for the development of female muscles was known in antiquity. This is proved by millennial finds. Already 4,000 years ago, mankind used special tools to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This technique has long been available only to residents of the East. For them, the training of intimate muscles was quite natural. In the West, this knowledge began to be used much later. In Russia, Kegel simulators generally became widespread only in the last 20 years. Kegel exercises performed using special simulators will help to cope with a number of problems:

  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Incontinence of urine;
  • Omission of organs;
  • Reduced muscle tone;
  • Stretching and tearing.

Such exercises are an excellent prevention of these unpleasant pathologies. What does the use of Kegel simulators allow to achieve? Thanks to special devices for training the vaginal muscles, you can easily prepare for childbirth and quickly recover in the postpartum period, achieve a reduction in vaginal volume without surgery, develop erogenous zones, and prevent the appearance of diseases of the genitourinary system. Kegel simulators contribute to increased blood flow in the tissues of the intimate organs. This has a positive effect on overall health and well-being.

Types of Kegel simulators

In total today there are several types of devices for the development of intimate muscles. Each of them has its advantages. Choose the appropriate device is necessary, based on the individual characteristics of the organism. They use almost the same principle of action, but their value may be different. To make the best choice, you need to consult with a specialist.

Caitlin Stephen